All You Need is Love: 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with OCW – Open Matters | MIT OpenCourseWare News

“Falling in love. Maybe it’s sudden. Or maybe it’s a slow burn that ignites into full blown euphoria and amazement. Sometimes it’s inexplicable and other times you might need convincing, so here are 10 reasons to fall in love with OCW.

It doesn’t cost a thing. You heard that right—everything on OCW is free! There are more than 2,500 MIT courses and supplemental resources that span both the undergraduate and graduate levels in 34 disciplines all for $0.00.
Lose yourself in hours of video. Have you already watched everything on Netflix? Whether you’re into math, science, economics, or even music, you will find tons of videos to watch on our YouTube channel. Our fans watched 26 million minutes of video last month! …”