Are price barriers in the national interest?

“[Adler] rejected the idea that taxpayer financed research should be open to the public, saying that it was in the national interest for it to be restricted to those who could pay subscription fees. “Remember — you’re talking about free online access to the world,” he said. “You are talking about making our competitive research available to foreign governments and corporations.” …

Note that we’re talking about published research, not classified research that isn’t published.

Thank goodness our enemies can’t afford to pay subscriptions or visit libraries.

Thank goodness harming Americans has the side-effect of harming foreigners.  At least our sacrifice is not in vain.

Thank goodness Americans have never benefited from scientific advances made by non-Americans. 

Thank goodness publishers are willing to collect subscription fees for this patriotic purpose.

Thank goodness publishers are willing to shoulder the responsibility of controlling access to our research.   We know that they don’t have to.  They didn’t conduct this research, write it up, or fund it….”