CHORUS FORUM RECAP: New Connections: Research Data to Content – CHORUS

“DataCite connects PIDs in standardized ways to maximize access to outputs via researcher repositories, institutions, or funders, for discovery and impact assessment.┬áDataCite Commons, a web search interface for the metadata and PIDs associated with research publications and data (Crossref, DataCite), people (ORCID), and research organizations (RoR) was launched last year. DataCite maps these related identifiers in a PID Graph. By advancing and surfacing relationships (e.g., authorship, affiliation, reuse), the PID Graph helps follow the trail of research from dataset, to article, to institution, and so on. It thereby enables discovery through these connections, leverages usage and citations, and enables impact assessment.

With this infrastructure in place, additional metadata contributions will improve reuse and discovery. Adding rights information, for example, will help researchers and harvesters learn if they can reuse the data. Adding abstracts and other descriptive information will enable mining for emerging trends without singling out controlled vocabulary terms. Putting data citations in structured form makes them machine readable, which creates the potential for scaling up on a massive scale, through artificial intelligence (AI) applications….”