Open Access 101 » Action at Harvard


“What can you do specifically if you are an affiliate of Harvard?

Add yourself to the Harvard Open Access Initiative’s mailing list or add this blog to your RSS feed to receive updates about future OA events. You can even start posting on it if you want to organize an event!
Email kxu AT fas DOT harvard DOT edu if you are interested in getting involved with the 2007 Internet and Society Conference, whose theme will be openness in the university
If you are a faculty member, take a look at the ways faculty can support open access and try something!
Insist that the administration take a strong stance on open access!

If you are an FAS student, please contact your UC reps and let them know that this is an important issue to you. There are several initiatives to lower the cost of coursepacks that are closely tied in to this.
If you are a faculty member, start a discussion with your colleagues and get in touch with the Committee on Scholarly Communications, headed by Prof. Stuart Shieber.

Join Harvard Free Culture, the student group that is most active about this and other issues dealing with technology and societal change….”