Which publishers allow self-archiving the published PDF version?

Publisher version/PDF use in Institutional Repositories, press release, August 27, 2008.

… There is often a question about the use of the publishers own PDF version
of research articles and whether these can be archived. It is often believed
that all publishers prohibit the use of their own PDF: in fact the situation
is very different.

SHERPA has analysed its records to determine which of the 414 publishers
listed allow authors to deposit the publishers’ version or publishers’ PDF
of a journal article into the author’s institutional repository. 50 publishers
allow immediate, un-embargoed deposit into repositories — even more allow
use in restricted circumstances. This means that there is a large volume of
work which can be deposited directly into repositories even if the author
has not retained their own final draft. …

The results have been mounted on the RoMEO site

In total this shows that 69 out of the 414 publishers listed in RoMEO, allow
the use of the publishers’ final version of an article in an institutional
repository in some manner. These 69 publishers cover approximately 1334 journal

Update. See also Jason Baird Jackson’s comments on the American Anthropological Association’s policies.