Repository Analytics and Metrics Portal – Web analytics for institutional repositories

“The Repository Analytics and Metrics Portal (RAMP) tracks repository items that have surfaced in search engine results pages (SERP) from any Google property. RAMP does this by aggregating Google Search Console (GSC) data from all registered repositories.

RAMP data are collected from GSC in two separate sets: page-click data and country-device data. The page-click data include the handle (aka URL) of every item that appeared in SERP. This dataset creates significant possibilities for additional research if the metadata of those items were mined. RAMP data are as free of robot traffic as possible and they contain no personally identifiable information.

RAMP data include the following metrics:

Impressions – number of times an item appears in SERP
Position – location of the item in SERP
Clicks – number times an item URL is clicked
Click-Through Ratios – number of clicks divided by the number of impressions
Date – date of the search
Device – device used for the search
Country – country from which the search originated….”

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