Staying open to open science needs | Research Information

“At Silverchair, our clients are innovators, experimenting with emerging content formats, OA models, and more, all of which rely on technology to be implemented in a way that is seamless for the end-users. This means maintaining (and scaling) technology that is flexible enough to accommodate whatever new models our publishers bring to us, whether it’s IWA Publishing with Subscribe to Open, MIT Press with Direct To Open, our society partners piloting smaller scale transformative agreements, or whatever comes next. 

Some of our publishers are aggregators or distributors for a group of societies and publishing partners. These clients are in turn serving a range of societies, from very small to larger independents. And they all have different outlooks and different needs when it comes to open access. 

Some clients have even found that different sorts of open access models are needed depending on the type of content, whether that be arts versus hard sciences, book versus journal, or experimental formats. So, it really does take a variety of models to make this work, which also means that the technical demands vary and are perhaps larger than we’d hope.

Among the most basic platform-level functionality required to support OA are:

Rich article metadata;  

Connections to upstream/downstream and secondary/tertiary publication objects; 

Compliance with FAIR [findable, accessible, interoperable, (machine) readable] principles;  

Information about the users of content; 

Improving the discovery of OA content; and  

Shoring up other revenue streams with the dwindling of subscription revenue …”

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