Quire: Getty’s Open-Source Digital Publishing Tool | 11 November 2021 | Open Publishing Fest

NOVEMBER 11, 2021, 6:00 PM UTC

Quire: Getty’s Open-Source Digital Publishing Tool

“Developed by Getty, Quire is a multiformat, digital publishing tool optimized for high-quality, visual publishing. It is designed to ensure that digital books are not only as beautiful and object-like as print books but are equally as enduring. Quire uses static site generation to ensure the longevity and sustainability of publication content. It also increases publication discoverability through its unique multiformat output capabilities. Quire was developed with a built-in understanding of high-quality scholarly publishing and best practices. Elements like high-resolution images, linkable footnotes, pop-up references, and page-level citations are baked into Quire’s core code….”

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