New issue of Newsletter

The September/October issue of the Newsletter is now online.  Here’s the heart of Section 5 on OA developments, overlapping slightly with items already reported here on OAN: signed the Seoul Declaration calling for open access to publicly-funded research

Civil society organizations that participated in the OECD 2008 Ministerial Meeting on the Future of the Internet Economy on June 17-18 in Seoul have issued the Seoul Declaration (June 16, 2008)

DSpace and

Elena Okhezina, Ural State University Library and eIFL Open Access country coordinator in Russia, and Iryna Kuchma, eIFL Open Access program manager have been invited to join DSpace Global Outreach Committee. The primary goal of the DSpace Global Outreach Committee (DGOC) is to help facilitate more regional support, trainings, user group meetings, resources for the DSpace user community world-wide. The committee’s kick off meeting will be held on September 23.

Ukrainian publisher and scholarly society cooperate with Connexions

Nauka Publishers based in Kyiv, Ukraine, specialised in educational and scientific literature, and the Center for American Literary Studies in Ukraine at the Institute of Literature after Taras Shevchenko of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine started cooperation with Connexions – an environment for collaboratively developing, freely sharing, and rapidly publishing scholarly content on the Web.  Two modules and courses have been published: Contemporary Media Systems and Political Communications based on Ukrainian translation of the book by Daniel C. Hallin Comparing media systems: three models of media) and Discourse of Romantism in the US Literature….

Blogs about Open Access from countries

Gray Area: Opening up scholarly publishing by Eve Gray, publishing consultant and Open Access advocate in South Africa: (in English)

BOA: Blog on Open Access by Justyna Hofmokl, sociologist and coordinator of Creative Commons Polska: (in Polish)

Cybermon’s blog for your access to knowledge by L.Gantulga, System Administrator, Mongolian Academy of Sciences: (in Mongolian) …