Transition to DRIVER II

The folks at DRIVER updated the project home page to reflect the new goals of DRIVER II.  Excerpt:

The objectives of DRIVER-II are manifold:

From the new page on OA (last link above):

DRIVER caters for researchers and the general public by offering a common platform for Open Access output, which implies no access barriers to the full-text, image or other data of the publication. The whole DRIVER community actively participates in the Open Access movement and advocates that digital repositories as the principal location for research materials to be deposited in.

Open Access repositories have revolutionised access to research materials. Open Access offers significant advantages for individual authors, for researchers, for institutions and for the process of research generally by freeing up the process of dissemination. By making research material Open Access it means that number of readers increases and thereby citations to the article increase – in some fields increasing citations by 300%. Open Access repositories can hold digital duplicates of published articles and make them freely available. The development of digital repositories across Europe has gathered momentum in recent years and continues.

For more information about Open Access and digital repositories visit [this page] and on developments in Europe visit [this page] on the DRIVER Support pages.