Proliferation of OA events

I spent some time this morning adding new events to the OAD list of Conferences and workshops related to OA.  Two quick thoughts:

  1. If you measure the success of the OA movement by the number of people and institutions pouring energy into it, then you’ll find strong evidence of our success on the OAD Events pages.  For example, look at 2008, or even at October 2008.  The proliferation of events worldwide is inspiring.
  2. Remember that OAD is a wiki and welcomes your contributions.  One of its premises is that a list, like the big list of worldwide OA events, can be more comprehensive, accurate, and up to date when maintained by the whole OA community than when maintained by an individual.  When you hear about a new OA event, please add it to the OAD and make sure that everyone knows about it.