The Central Medical Library (http://www.rug.nl/umcg/bibliotheek  ) of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG, http://www.umcg.nl ) is exploring the use of several RSS Aggregators to develop a topic news portal on Open Science. This is work in progress. Please let us know if we missed a source that should be included.

Currently “About Open Science” contains:

  • 27 aggregated sources related to open science, including the Dutch Open Science Communities (which did have or allowed aggregation via rss or simular)
  • groups of Links of interesting sites or people.
  • the latest Twitter posts with #OPENSCIENCE hashtag
  • THE ARCHIVE of the posts (since 2006 on Open Access, now on Open Science)
Available portals:
  • atUMCG : Showing all NEW (open access) publications of the UMCG

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