Open Science at UMCG & RUG

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  • We welcome Open Science!
    Open Science is an umbrella term for numerous aspects of doing science. For now we follow the Foster schedule of Open Science.
    Here we want to list identified open science aspects within the UMCG (and the UoG)

  • Open Access
  • Open Data
  • Ooen Reproducible Research
  • Open Science Evaluation
  • Open Science Policies
  • Ooen Science Tools

Open Access

Read the Open Access Information Pages of the Library and Check the Starting Page of the Central Medical Library about Open Access

Because the accessibility of publications is an important factor in the visibility of researchers, the University a strong supporter of the open access publishing model – a formula that is continually improving. So it says in the strategic plan.

Institutional Policy

This issue is elaborated in an institutional policy. The Executive Board approved the recommendations proposed by the Open Access think tank installed by the University Committee for Academic Practice:

  • The university will adequately respond to developments in the field of Open Access.
  • There will be a policy pointing out to University researchers the potential of repositories and to provide help to take advantage of those opportunities, taking into account discipline-specific opportunities and constraints.
  • University researchers are also encouraged to make use of OA funds.
  • In addition, the Library has been asked to propose a plan to set up a University Open Access fund.

What does the Library do?

We are working on providing better information about Open Access. In this, we value your input. Questions about copyright and open access, can be directed to the copyright librarian. In collaboration with the graduate schools, we will soon will start with workshops on publishing and Open Access Strategy for PhD students.

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